"Opera" is the third Japanese single by Super Junior, released on May 9, 2012 in four editions: CD only, CD+DVD, E.L.F-JAPAN and a CD only edition with nine individual member covers.



Tracklist Edit

CD Edit

CD Only / E.L.F-JAPAN Edit

  1. Opera
  2. Way
  3. Opera (Korean Ver.)


  1. Opera
  2. Way

DVD Edit

  1. Opera (Music Video)
  2. Opera (Music Video) (Dance Ver.)
  3. Making Clip

Edition Edit

  • CD Only
  • CD Only (9 member covers)
  • CD+DVD

Credits Edit

  • Lyrics: Masanori Nagaoka
  • Composition: Thomas Troelsen, Engelina Larsen

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Trivia Edit

  • The single set a new record as the most singles sold by a Korean artist in a week.
  • On the day of released the single debut at number 3 on Oricon Daily Chart and sold 54,331 copies.
  • The single debuted at #3 on Oricon Weekly Chart, selling 159,789 copies on its first week of release, outselling their previous Japanese single Mr. Simple which sold 88,873 on its first week, making it Super Junior's highest-selling Japanese release and as the 2012 top selling Korean artist in Japan.
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